Large Cloud Conversion

Technology: Amazon AWS, Amazon EC2, Amazon SES, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Cloudwatch, OpenVPN
Date: 2015

This client wanted to migrate 100% of their physically co-located servers to the cloud.  The reasons for the migration were:

  • Industry Standard Solution
  • No more emergency visits to the data center
  • Better availability to bring in additional outside experts in the future
  • No need to purchase additional hardware
  • True elimination of single points of failure

The project was completed over a 3-month period with about 4 weeks of billable time during that period.  I migrated a combination of 45 physical and virtual servers from their previous multiple co-location centers and approximately 1 terabyte of MySQL data on multiple multi-master/slave chains.  Note: automated transfers of virtual machines were not available due to the previous client infrastructure.  All services needed to be re-built in Amazon’s AWS system from scratch.

End users never noticed any downtime or degradation of service.

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