SNI is Awesome!

I learned something awesome the other day — you no longer need a dedicated IP address for every site that needs to have an SSL certificate!  Not only does this greatly help with IPv4 exhaustion, but on a personal level, it means that I can throw more SSL-based sites on a single server without needing to add additional IP addresses.  So cool!

To make it work, your server needs to be SNI compatible.  Looks like most modern operating systems are, including CentOS 6, which I’m using to host my “big” server at AWS with cPanel.

I’m just so excited about being able to host as many secure sites as I want without any concern for IP address allocation.  Cool!

BTW, I found a place to get SSL certificates for $8 per year, and they’re using the same backend technology as GoDaddy.  If you haven’t already, check out Starfield Technologies.