Products & Services

Berding Consulting has created a variety of products and services to fill various niches. Everything from API Services to complete websites are available.

Gyta BuyBack Plugin

This WordPress plugin will allow you to set up your own buyback / product trade-in site. You can set up any kind of product, any categories, and any attributes or combinations as you see fit. BuyBack payment methods are included, automatic shipping labels, and all necessary modifications to make WordPress into a buyback site. Full details available on the dedicated site:


Creating a book buyback site isn’t easy. I have turnkey software that can create a fully-featured book buyback website complete with custom pricing rules, multiple data sources, automated shipping labels, and more. View the full details here:


If you source books online, this is the tool for you. Upload lists of ISBNs with your max $ values. Searches multiple marketplaces and organizes all the results into a single easy-to-use-display. View the full details on the dedicated site here:

Affiliate Signup Form for Freemius

When I started working with Freemius (a great plugin subscription / hosting / deployment platform), and I wanted to have an easy form I could put on my wordpress sites to allow affiliates to sign up to sell my newest plugin, it wasn’t available. So I made one! Details available here.

Custom Solutions

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in the list above, or need a one-off custom project, you might need a custom solution. If you’re not sure, or if you want to customize one of the solutions above, contact me.